“An Heirloom Duel” is now Available!

Book cover for an Heirloom Duel by Z.A. Tanis.

Final edits are done on my second novel. It’s high fantasy novel with magic, swordplay, humor, and sexiness. Here’s the blurb:

An eccentric swordsmith. A brutal duel. Is honor worth dying for?


Maopin is a genderqueer swordfighter and artificer who hates being pushed around.


When an old nemesis driven by past wrongs challenges Maopin’s brother to a duel, Maopin takes it on instead. Maopin must untangle family secrets and break the cycle of revenge or die in the name of honor and doom the lives of all Maopin holds dear.


“An Heirloom Duel” is the first book in a new spellbinding high fantasy series about a young genderqueer artificer whose contraptions change the world. If you like inventive magic systems, queer relationships, and intricate worlds with unforgettable characters, you’ll love this tale of swords, magic, and mischief.

The book cover is my own creation and the first book cover I’ve ever made. I’m very happy with how it came out.

The island setting of this novel is dear to my heart because I grew up in Hawaii. I’ve always thought it would be cool to do swords and sorcery on a chain of islands and I look forward to writing more in this series!

I’m giving this book away for free, go here to get your own copy.