“A Welded Wave” is Available for Preorder!

My first book comes out on February 14th! The title is “A Welded Wave” and it’s being published by Less Than Three Press. It’s a contemporary romance featuring a trans man artist and his gay best friend. The story is set in Minneapolis Minnesota. The blurb for the book is below:

 For Mark, choosing to transition was one of the best decisions he ever made. And life has been looking up recently because he’s got his MFA and landed a huge commission to build one of his welded bike chain sculptures. He’s even got Enis, the most amazing best friend anyone could ask for. The only thing he’d really like to add is a lover, but so far his romantic relationships have been nothing more than learning experiences.

Then a breakup leaves Enis available, and Mark starts to see possibilities he hadn’t before—but intimacy could ruin the friendship he values more than anything, and that’s assuming Enis would want him at all once the clothes come off.

Both Mark and Enis are total unabashed nerds. They know their internet memes, they actively follow comic book movies, and they could argue about which Star Trek captain was the best at their job. There is a strong undercurrent of “nerds in love” in this book. I too am an unabashed nerd, so I could not resist.

What I like most about this book is that I feel I succeeded at creating whole characters that are introspective about themselves and their relationship. My experience with relationships is that sometimes conflict comes from the way people think a relationship should be not matching up with what the relationship is.

Other than introspective characters navigating the road to becoming lovers, I have a body and sex-positive narrative that is playful and very down-to-earth. The story is told from Mark’s perspective and I had great fun writing the way he thinks. The sex in this story doesn’t leave much out, so be prepared for much hotness (or be ready to skip over some of it if you’d rather not know the specifics).

I’ll get the cover up as soon as it’s finished. An amazing artist named Aisha Akeju is the cover artist and I can’t wait to see how the cover turns out.

If you’re looking forward to having this book to read on Valentine’s Day, you can preorder it!

Have questions about this book or other commentary? I’d love to hear what you have to say below.

Z.A. Tanis is a writer, linguist, programmer, artist and public speaker who’s lived on a tropical island and in the frozen tundra of the upper midwest. The loves of Z.’s life are a wise and beautifully honest boyfriend, an understanding and brilliantly intelligent wife, and writing imaginative fiction. After many years not fitting into the simple categories of “male” and “female,” Z. has rejected them and happily inhabits the space between. Only since joining and writing for the LGBT+ community has Z. found true expression.

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